Are you ready for emergencies in your home?

With the bout of snow and poor conditions that we have been experiencing since the beginning of February, it may be a good time to review your home readiness in the event of a disaster. Think of what you have missed over the last two weeks and how you might be prepared to withstand an event more devastating.

As with any endeavor, having a plan is the place to start. Making sure that all of the members of your household know the designated meeting spot in case of a fire, for example, can save time and anxiety when it comes time to make sure that all of the members of your household have reached safety.

At the minimum, your household should be prepared to be without electricity since this is probably the first and most common impact in any disaster. Make sure that you have candles, flashlights and extra batteries in an easily accessible place in your home. If possible, make sure that you have some foodstuffs available that require little or no preparation.

There are some really good tips about developing your own plan when it comes to surviving many levels of disasters on the 72Hours page. There is even pertinent information on planning for your petsĀ  —

* Keep a collar, current license and up-to date ID tags on your pet at all times. Consider having your pet micro-chipped.
* Make sure your pet is comfortable being in a crate, box, cage, or carrier for transport.
* Keep an updated list of trusted neighbors who could assist your animals in case of an emergency.
* Tighten and secure latches on birdcages. Fasten down aquariums on low stands or tables.

Another great source for ready-made plans is The site provides ready made plans for emergency procedures not only in your home but in your business.

Please be safe out there. Remember, too, that preparedness will save you a lot of discomfort and may also save the life of someone that you love.