G20 preparedness

A number of concerns have arisen over the last week or so about city services during the G20 Summit. Staffski will continue to update this post with information as it becomes available. If there is anything that you would like to share, please let us know at phcapgh@gmail.com.

Staffski has just uploaded a post about mass transit issues.No sooner was it up than additional information became available. It looks, from first glance at the route changes, that buses will be re-routed at the 26th St. entrance to the East Busway. Buses will then be routed over to Centre Avenue. This affects the EBA, 86A, 86B and 91A routes. The 54C is not listed on the site as having any changes, however. Port Authority will update their site as information becomes available. Port Authority will also tweet updates. Please allow a lot of extra time for your commute into downtown. I know there are many of you whose jobs don’t have the flexibility of working at home or taking unpaid leave. We are interested in hearing prctical thoughts and suggestions for this issue.

Emergency response
The Post Gazette writes that Ross township fire crews will be assigned to Polish Hill. Read the article here.

Please note that a special public safety site is available.

Update: 9/18/09 5:00PM

While there will be a focus of a portion of the Pittsburgh Police force and outside law enforcement in those areas of the city where G20 activities are scheduled or expected, Pittsburgh neighborhoods will have all public safety resources available during the G20. Zones will have the same number of officers assigned to each shift as they generally do. Special units like the SWAT Team will be available to neighborhoods if necessary. Fire and EMS will respond to neighborhood emergencies. Residents are encouraged to continue call 311 and 911 to report any suspicious activity. If you have any questions about safety in your neighborhoods, please call your Zone Community Policing Officer or Commander.

Zone 1 Police Station
1501 Brighton Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Zone 4 Police Station
5858 Northumberland Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Zone 2 Police Station
2000 Centre Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Zone 5 Police Station
1401 Washington Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Zone 3 Police Station
830 E Warrington
Pittsburgh, PA 15210

Zone 6 Police Station
Special Deployment Division
312 S. Main Street
Pittsburgh PA 15220