Help make Polish Hill safe for pedestrians!

Almost 40% of Polish Hill residents don’t own cars.  There are a lot of residents who need to walk out of the neighborhood to catch a bus, or shop for groceries.

After the initial storm on Feb 5, Polish Hill had no bus service for a week. Since that time, our pedestrian population has faced a dangerous situation getting in and out of the neighborhood.

The main streets are clear now, but this has resulted in vehicles moving at normal  speed through streets that are much narrower than usual.  Since most sidewalks are still minimally cleared, if at all, pedestrians are in many places forced to use the road.

An example:  the above photo was taken on February 15 (while submerged in a high bank of plowed snow).  The sidewalk is to the left of the barrier, inaccessible under two feet of snow (not to mention the downed tree).  To walk down to Liberty, you have to walk in the middle of the lane.  Residents have reported some close calls here–drivers are not looking for people!

The PHCA is putting out a call.  If you have energy and a shovel, please consider turning your efforts to pedestrian access.  We have 311’d this, but the City is slammed.  Take your trusty shovel out for a walk and check on the stairs, the sidewalks, the bus stops.  We have already heard some stories of drivers hitting pedestrians in other neighborhoods since this big storm.  We don’t want this to happen here!