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Very recently, there has been a lot of concern about an uptick in crime in the Polish Hill neighborhood. This surge in criminal activity is being experienced throughout the city. Unfortunately, some are mistakenly tying these activities to the upcoming G20 Summit meeting, scheduled for September 24-25 here in Pittsburgh. In an effort to belay misrepresentation, PHCA’s President, Terry Doloughty, spoke to Marty Levine of the Pittsburgh City Paper —

… In fact, Doloughty says, he was just urging vigilance to head off regular street crimes:  Polish Hill has seen several burglaries and an armed robbery so far this year. Doloughty calls WTAE’s story “sensationalism”: Joshua Tanzer, the building owner’s son, agrees that the story was “irresponsible.”  Read the entire City Paper article

The PHCA continues to work with property owners on issues of illegal entry, with residents on public safety issues and with Pittsburgh Police on presenting salient information in a timely manner to our neighbors. More than anything, the PHCA strogly believes that cultivating trust within our community is tantamount to the well-being of all members in the community.

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