PSA/rumor control

By now most residents have probably heard that we had two armed robberies in Polish Hill on Tuesday evening.  Those incidents involved four young men who had a gun.

On Saturday night there was another incident on Dobson Street behind Gooski’s.  A resident was approached by four teen-aged boys who tried to get her to give them money (she didn’t have any).  She says that they had a gun, but she described them as “inexperienced”.  She seemed unfazed by the incident and didn’t consider it serious enough to call the police.  Others persuaded her to do so, however, and she has requested that a report be filed.

Even though we live in one of the safest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, we are in a city.  Be aware of your surroundings, know and talk to your neighbors, and remember that safety is a result of everyone taking responsibility to keep an eye on things.

Call 911 if something is suspicious — our Zone 2 liaison has reminded us often that the police don’t mind if it turns out to be nothing, it’s their job to check.  And if there is an incident, always make sure to tell them you want to file a report — incidents are not officially recorded unless a report is filed, and it isn’t automatic.