Public safety alert

A resident stopped by the PHCA yesterday afternoon to let us know that there was a mugging on Melwood Avenue around  1:00 a.m. on Monday evening.   A young man leaving the Rock Room was jumped by two young men in their late teens or early twenties.  He had nothing of value on him for them to steal, but he was injured.  He chose not to call the police.

It was also reported that another resident caught someone breaking into his car.  We didn’t get a description of the perpetrator — but we are told that the resident chased him down to Liberty Avenue!

There isn’t a lot of crime in Polish Hill, so these rare incidents are notable.  This is a good time to say it again:  if you are aware of a crime, or are the victim, please call the police — and make sure they file a report, so that it’s on record.  If the police aren’t made aware of incidents, then officially, nothing happened.  We are happy to  get very low crime stats each month from Zone 2 — but only if those low numbers truly represent what’s going on.

Let’s hope this was an isolated incident — but do be careful, particularly if you are out late at night.  Lets keep an eye out for our neighbors, share information, and keep Polish Hill safe.