Public safety: be aware!

Polish Hill is one of the safest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh.  But we are next to neighborhoods that are not so safe, and occasionally, some trouble finds it way here.  A late-night  robbery along Brereton Stree aroung 1:30 am on Saturday highlights the need to be careful, even in our generally safe neighborhood.  Two young ladies had just parked their car across from the monument and were headed to Gooski’s to see a band.  A man jumped out of the dark brick passageway of an empty building, pointed a gun at them, and demanded their purses.  They complied; to their credit they also managed do some pretty impressive screaming.   Police are now investigating the incident.Now that it’s warm, lots of people are out at night.  Polish Hill can be surprisingly active in the wee hours.  If you’re out too, be aware and keep these tips in mind:

–If you’re walking alone at night, try not to walk past dark alleys or doorways, where an assailant may lurk.  Our brick passageways, while picturesque, can also provide perfect hiding places for someone waiting for a likely victim to pass by.  Late at night, you’re probably safer walking down the middle of the street.

–Be aware!  This seems obvious, but it’s easy to get lost in your thoughts and not notice who’s around you.  Look around while you’re walking.  If you see someone ahead of you, watch them.  If they seem focused on you, or suddenly duck into a doorway, you might want to change direction.  Your instincts are better than you know–if you’re uncomfortable, listen to that.

–If someone shows a weapon, give them what they want and GET AWAY.  Nothing in your bag or purse is worth getting hurt or killed.

This incident was unusual–and we’d like to keep it that way.  Please report any suspicious persons or activity, and be careful if you’re out at night.