Snow on your roof

With over twenty inches of snow pummeling Pittsburgh over the last week, the accumulation on the rooftops is causing concern among residents. One death has already occurred and I am sure there have been many accidents, from residents trying to attend to their rooftops during the snowcopalypse. However, Pittsburgh Post Gazette writer, Gretchen McKay, had this little piece of warning today —

What many homeowners don’t realize, said Mr. McGonigle, is that their weight can cause the snow on their roof to come loose and send an avalanche crashing to the ground — and them along with it. That goes for porch roofs and aluminum carports, too.

Further, the article gives some very good recommendations on what to do with icicles —

Homeowners can be a bit more proactive with icicles, which form when ice or snow melts and then refreezes. You’ll want to leave the removal of really big ones (more than 6 inches in diameter and longer than 2 or 3 feet) to a contractor with proper equipment. But you can safely knock small spikes off gutters, awnings and ornamental objects with a broom, shovel or hammer. Just be sure to first clear off any snow, and to tap on the icicle lightly so you don’t do damage to the part of the house it’s attached to.

Please be careful out there and remember, nothing is more important than your life. The entire Post Gazette article is here.