Warm weather public safety reminder: open windows don't just let in bugs!

A recent string of burglaries in Lawrenceville provide an unwelcome reminder that having one’s windows open during warm weather can bring in even more unwelcome visitors than the random stinkbug.  An article in the Post- Gazette this morning reported that since early this month, there have been a series of burglaries, most overnight.  In many cases, the intruders entered through unlocked or open window, as residents were sleeping.

Each year, we get a few reports of similar thefts in Polish Hill.  Guess it’s time for the annual reminders:  close and lock any windows that are accessible from ground level.  If you have a window air conditioning unit, make sure it’s secure in the window — thieves have been known to push the unit out of the way to gain entry.  And if you see suspicious activity, call 911.