Warm weather reminder: secure your windows to prevent break-ins

As soon as it gets warm and people start leaving windows open, we hear of break-ins — attempted, or successful.  A resident on Flavian reported that someone attempted to enter her home by pushing in the air conditioner mounted in a window.  Luckily, it was well secured and they were not able to enter.

If you do leave windows open, secure them so it’s more difficult for someone to enter.  You can put a screw through the wood frame so the window can’t be opened more than a bit, or  get  metal “L” bar and attach it to the window and the sill.  Anything that slows down a potential intruder makes it more likely they’ll give up and move on.

And, as always, know your neighbors, keep an eye out, and never hesitate to call 911 is something doesn’t seem right.