Creative Reuse Pittsburgh

Everyone loves a bargain, right? This first-ever shopping day event combines two of my favorite activities: shopping (need I mention bargain hunting?) and imaging. Like, I am imagining what I could do with a half dozen watchamacallits… From the Creative Reuse Pittsburgh Blog —

Creative Reuse Pittsburgh is is holding its first ‘Open-to-the-Public’ shopping day on Saturday Oct. 24, from 9am-5pm. You’ll find stuff ranging from plastic donkeys& goats to fabric to lab glass – including some things you may not have ever seen (or really noticed!) before. Prices range from 10 cents per item to $10 for a mix&match bag.

Creative Reuse Pittsburgh’s retail space is located in an upstairs area within Construction Junction’s building, at 214 N. Lexington Street in the Point Breeze section of Pittsburgh. To find us, go through the main Construction Junction entrance, turn left and walk past the checkout line and the vending machines. We are in the second door on the left, and up the stairs.