E-waste is now free at Construction Junction!

Here is good news.  Maybe it doesn’t matter right at the moment, but when you have a huge computer monitor to get rid of, realize that you can’t put it out on trash night, and discover that most places will charge you about $25 to take it, then you will be happy.

Construction Junction just announced that all mixed e-waste dropped off at their facility is now FREE of CHARGE.  This includes:  computers, monitors, laptops, printers, copiers, DVD players, fax machines, telephones, routers, switches, small appliances, remote controls, etc. can be dropped off at Construction Junction, and it won’t cost you a thing.

They add that this does not include floppy discs (CD/ DVD) or magnetic tapes (VHS/DLT/LTO).  Media discs and tapes can only be dropped at eloop’s Plum Warehouse (fees apply).  For questions and/or more information please contact Susan M. Iovino with eloop llc at 724-519-7646 x108.

One thought on “E-waste is now free at Construction Junction!

  1. GReat news…clean out old stuff, make room in your house and recycle the material in a responsible fashion… does not get better than that.

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