Help in hard times

Having trouble paying your bills? There are programs in place to help you get through these difficult times.  These programs, in many cases, are paid for by your taxpayer dollars and are available without charge to any Allegheny County resident who is income eligible.

The Allegheny County Department of Human Services has put together a list of these resources in a website called Help in Hard Times.  On this site, you can get information on:

Basic Needs:  housing, utilities, food, child care, clothing, computers, parenting support, transportation, domestic violence, gambling addiction

Education:  career training for dislocated workers

Employment:  unemployment, job training, preparation and search

Financial Support:  financial counseling, financial assistance, tax preparation information

Health:  health care, health insurance, mental health support, drug and alcohol services, eyeglasses

The Help in Hard Times website  also has information on the various Allegheny County departments and other organizations.  Check it out and find out what is available!