Low-cost options for pet owners


Low-income pet owners don’t have to stint in necessary care for their pets.  While no one offers free veterinary services, you can get rabies shots and spay/neuter services at a low cost.  Animal Friends, which offers animals for adoption, also offers rabies clinics around town each summer.  Vaccines are just $10 each, so put a note on your calendar for next year!.

Animal Friends’ spay and neuter program has a few requirements.  To participate in Animal Friends’ LCSN program, you must:
–Earn $3,500 per month or less
–Live in southwestern Pennsylvania
–Download and completely fill out LCSN Spay/Neuter Application.
–Include proof of income for all adults living within the household. The cost of surgery will vary depending on income. Proof of income can be a paycheck stub, W-2 form, proof of Social Security or disability benefits, proof of unemployment or workman’s compensation, or proof of Medicare or Medicaid. Your information remains confidential.

Mail all of the above to:  Animal Friends Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Program, 562 Camp Horne Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237.  After they have received and processed your application, Animal Friends will call you to schedule an appointment.

Pet owners who make more than the income guideline can apply for a coupon for a percentage off on a spay or neuter procedure–$25 for dogs;  $15 for cats; $20 for rabbits.  One exception to this is pit bulls–you can get your pit bull spayed or neutered for just a $20 deposit.

For more information these are other services, call Animal Friends at  412.847.7000, or visit their website.