Foot traffic report

Walkability in the neighborhood of Polish Hill is improving by leaps and bounds. Not because of melting snow but because of the work of several volunteers. These individuals have taken shovels into their own hands and tackled staircases, publicly-owned sidewalks and intersections.

Patrick Singleton and Jennifer Kirk have been putting hours in every evening to clear paths on the staircases. The above is a picture of the Harding staircase that they were clearing last night.

Josie Ramsey has been working to clear the sidewalk on Paulowna, between Herron and 30th St. Many children use this route on their way to and from the West Penn Recreation Center. With clearer streets comes additional danger to pedestrians. Cars are picking up speed, but there is still no place for the children to walk, forcing them out onto the street. Josie is doing what she can to safeguard our children.

Hats off to PHCA’s intrepid President, Terry Doloughty. With his snowblower, he has been able to increase the safety of pedestrians in the neighborhood. Among the many snow removal projects that he has undertaken, Mr. Doloughty is responsible for clearing the path on Brereton between 30th St. and the 28th St. bridge. He even cleared a fallen tree from the sidewalk and the bridge is now passable on foot.

[EDIT] To give credit where credit is due — Leslie Clague and Myra Falisz are responsible for clearing the snow from around the monuments. Mr. Dolughty mentioned that they both helped out clearing a path down to the 28th St. bridge.

I am sure that many others are out there doing the same. I also know that these individuals plan on tackling additional snow removal issues tonight. If you can, lend them a hand. Patrick and Jennifer will be working on clearing intersections for pedestrian safety. Terry is trying to come up with a solution for the bridges. If you want to help, just grab your shovel and start moving snow!

Many, many thanks to all of you. This is what makes Polish Hill such a wonderful community; it really is a community.

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  1. Hello All:

    I have to put out a correction, with some gratitude attatched. I had help with the clearing of 30th to the 28 st Bridge. Leslie Clague and Myra Falize cleared the steps at the Brereton / Dobson Monument and then continued down to help with clearing the path to the 28 st bridge. Their many hours of shoveling and help is most appreciated. Our residents can thank them for the safe path in and out of Polish Hill.

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