Foot traffic report for Saturday, February 20

The volunteer crews have been hard at work in Polish Hill, making the neighborhood safer for pedestrians. Last night, several neighbors got together and worked on access at the following trouble spots —

Phelan to Paulowna
Paulowna to 30th
30th to 28th st bridge
The monument area on Brereton
Bottom of Herron staircase to the EBA
Breezeway next to the PHCA office
3100 Brereton
3102 Brereton
3062 Brereton
Pedestrian tunnel under Bigelow at Herron
Bigelow Walkway steps
Herron to Dobson staircase

Just wanted to post this very short update. We will post a more detailed update later today. In the meantime, a heartfelt thanks to everyone that has lent a hand over the last two weeks.