PAT offers new routing

Port Authority put some of its new routing into effect on April 4. With one thing and another, Staffski hasn’t been able to really look over the new changes and revisions to existing routes.

However, a kind neighbor stopped by the PHCA office with a handful of green PAT schedules for G1/G2 West Busway route. So why would we be interested in this? I’ll tell you why. The G2 West Busway – Oakland route uses the East Busway to get from downtown to Oakland. And it stops at the Herron Station here in Polish Hill. Above is a detail from the route map. The entire map can be viewed here, along with the schedule. The G2 will get you from the Herron Station to its furthest Oakland stop in 12 minutes.

You can still pick up the EBA at the same Herron Station stop. This route puts Swissvale about 20 minutes away.