A chance to share your thoughts on the future of public transportation in Pittsburgh


Transit riders and local citizens are invited to share their vision for the future of public transportation in our region by visiting Port Authority’s new community engagement website, Forward Thinking.  The site presents a variety of questions on topics including capital projects, barriers to transit use, and accessibility for seniors and riders with disabilities. Participants can share their thoughts or weigh in on ideas submitted by others.

Also participating in the site discussion are local officials and Port Authority leadership, including CEO Ellen McLean, Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald and Port Authority Board members Sen. Jim Brewster, Rep. Dom Costa and John Tague.  The site will be active through June 13 at minimum.

The website launch also coincides with this week’s Urban Land Institute (ULI) advisory panel on public transportation. The ULI panel will be focusing on strategies for improving transit, interviewing local officials and stakeholders, and presenting its recommendations at the end of the week.

Riders and community members who do not have internet access are invited to share their vision of a modern public transportation system by mailing their ideas to:

Port Authority of Allegheny County
Forward Thinking
Attn: Communications Department
345 Sixth Avenue, Floor 3
Pittsburgh PA 15222

(Above: the East busway as it passes through Polish Hill.  Photo by Patrick Singleton)