More about that crosswalk…

The DIY crosswalk at Melwood Avenue and Finland Streets has attracted all sorts of attention and response since we first posted about it — and ultimately brought about a pledge from the head of Public Works.  This vigilante action has caught the imagination of many people, and in the process, helped make the voices of residents heard.  PHCA president Alexis Miller said, “… the actions of the crosswalk painters speaks louder than any statement I could make about the way the neighborhood feels about traffic and speeding”.

Yesterday, WPXI broadcast a segment on the crosswalk — complete with some familiar neighborhood  faces.  Also yesterday, Diana Nelson-Jones of the Post-Gazette did a column.  Today, KDKA came to Polish Hill and talked to a few more people — and was able to report that action was being taken.  This morning, Rob Kaczorowski, the head of Public Works, let us know that their crews would be installing larger stop signs at the Melwood – Finland intersection — and would be painting a new, regulation crosswalk.

Even better, Public Works will also add traffic calming elements to the Dobson – Hancock intersection, another site where cars tend to speed through.

The PHCA board wants to thank Public Works, Patrick Dowd’s office, the Mayor’s office, and all of the resident who chimed in to offer their support.  And thanks to those unknown people whose positive creative action created a spark that brought about a solution.

UPDATE:  Here’s one  more article, from today’s TribuneLive.  Maybe this is the end of our little media storm.  Has anyone noticed if they’ve put up the new big stop signs yet?

ANOTHER UPDATE:  WTAE got to the story a bit late, but just in time to note that the City has removed the crosswalk.  Public Works will be painting a ‘real’ crosswalk there soon.

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    • Hi Patrick!

      Yep, it’s a good story. Maybe this will start a artist/activist traffic calming movement! Too bad the unknown crosswalk painter(s) will have to enjoy their press clippings in secret.

      ps — we miss you — please come visit soon!


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