New crosswalk and stop signs at Melwood and Finland

It’s magical, what a little media attention can do.  The DIY crosswalks were painted in early September, and for a while were kind of a neighborhood secret.  We did a blog post a couple weeks later, and couple of local news reporters who follow our blog picked up the story.  The other stations saw those reports and decided they needed to do stories too.  Then Associated Press did a small piece which was picked by media outlets around the country.  Now, ten days after that first blog post, there are new big stop signs and a City-painted, regulation crosswalks at the intersection.

It’s been really interesting to watch this whole process unfold.  And it’s great that one location where traffic calming was badly needed now has those elements in place.  But the Melwood – Finland intersection is one location on one street.  Speeding, careless drivers, and too much cut-through traffic are problems all over Polish Hill.  Residents all over the neighborhood  have watched this story unfold and wondered what it will take to help ease the impact of traffic on their street.

And what it takes is effort from all concerned — the PHCA, the City, and residents.  The PHCA is working on it, but we can’t make this case alone.  The City hears from us all the time.  Hearing from residents — “real’ people, and many of them — is necessary for overburdened City offices to make an issue a priority.  Please continue to file your own reports to 311 (the online form is an easy way to do that).  This form can also be used to ask for stop signs, lower speed limits — whatever you feel would solve the problem.

We also need your help to keep documenting traffic incidents to get the best picture of what is needed, and where.  Please email the PHCA or call 412.681.1950 to report accidents, near-accidents, and property damage.