Peril for Pedestrians in Pittsburgh

If you’re a pedestrian, passionate about issues that affect pedestrians, and not allergic to appearing on camera, maybe you’d like to get in touch with John Wetmore.

John produces a television series called “Perils For Pedestrians”,  and he’ll be in Pittsburgh in early July.  John is looking for people to interview on camera discussing issues of concern to pedestrians in their community,  and asks that interested parties email him at

There would certainly be things to talk about.  Pittsburgh was once a walkable city, and still boasts the remnants of an extensive system of stairs and sidewalks from a time when most residents didn’t own vehicles.  Many people walked up and down the hills every day-and were healthier for it.

Not that there aren’t hazards–we do have the Pittsburgh left, and of course, snow.

Peril for Pedestrians has already visited Pittsburgh; here’s an episode in which they  talk to BikePgh, and look at other area issues.

Even if you aren’t interested in going on camera, the Perils for Pedestrians website has some interesting material.   Sidewalk placement sounds like a dull topic, but this list of reasons to set a sidewalk back behind a planting strip is actually pretty interesting.  Did you know that sidewalks at the curb (as in photo above)  will make a street appear wider, encouraging drivers to go faster?

(Photo:  lower  Brereton Street, approaching the 28th Street Bridge)