Time to start shoveling in earnest!

At this very moment we’re in the middle of the first serious snowfall of this winter season, and it’s time to get serious about shoveling.  Remember, it’s a City ordinance that each home or business owner is responsible for keeping at least a path on their sidewalk clear for pedestrians.

While you’re out doing that, please look around for other areas nearby that need to be cleared.  Many of our neighbors are older, or have physical limitations that make it hard to get outside and clear their stairs and sidewalks.  When you’re done shoveling your sidewalk, please take an extra few minutes to lend a hand to your neighbors.

And if you still have some energy after that, consider  joining the Polish Hill Shoveling Team!  The Shoveling Team is an informal group of residents who are dedicated to keeping the neglected stairs and sidewalks of Polish Hill clear and safe.    A good place to start are the bus stops and crosswalks near your home, which are often buried after the snowplows come through.

Or put your shovel over your shoulder and take a walk around the neighborhood.  You’ll  be certain to see some spots that can use attention, and you get to meet some neighbors as well.