Active Allegheny

Last month, we posted about Allegheny Places, the county’s comprehensive plan. Allegheny County continues to gather information from the many facets of our community on such issues as land use and transportation.

One planning arm is looking at “human powered transport”: pedestrian and cycling issues that concern Allegheny County residents. Active Allegheny is seeking the input of community members about whatever concerns that you have. The primary objective of the “Active Allegheny” Plan is to encourage and accommodate walking and biking as modes of commuting in Allegheny County. Active Allegheny invites county residents to take a survey about access issues. The survey will take about ten minutes and is available through July 23, 2010.

The survey is pretty general. One of our neighbors, Patrick Singleton, is actively involved in access issues as they apply specifically to Polish Hill and would like to see a more comprehensive statement made for our neighborhood. We have offered to assist him in accumulating your suggestions and comments about human powered transport. What do we want your feedback on? issues like —

Sidewalk access
Condition of staircases and sidewalks
Problem intersections
Connections to other neighborhoods

You probably have other things that you would like to say. Maybe you have a suggestion on how a problem can be addressed effectively. Feel free to send that on, also. We would like to receive your comments by July 15, 2010. You can email your comments to Mr. Singleton will also be attending our community meeting on July 6, and can collect comments then, also. Looking forward to hearing from you.