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The G20 summit is taking place in September here in Pittsburgh. However, it is never to early to prepare. On Polish Hill we have the benefit of having residents from very diverse backgrounds. Some of our residents have had the benefit of living in other parts of our country and other counties where similar summit events have occurred. Taking into account their first hand experience there are a few good suggestions we would like to pass on to our membership. The upcoming event will have an exceptional amount of people visiting Pittsburgh so planning around large crowds is key.

Make sure your prescription have been filled.
Do your grocery shopping before the event
Schedule any downtown appointments on alternate days if possible
Make sure you place of work knows that you may be late on the event days
Is telecommuting, working from home an option?

The real essence of it is that everyone on Polish Hill is your neighbor, we can all benefit from each others knowledge and experience. If you have any wisdom to share that could benefit our residents in getting through the event please share it with us and we will communicate these ideas with our membership. The more we communicate and share with each other the better.

Terry Doloughty
Polish Hill Civic Association

4 thoughts on “G20 Summit

  1. Terry. I was very dissapointed to see your comments on Channel 4:

    regarding the arrests of some young people hanging out at a local church. You did not come to the defense of polish hill residents who had been falsely arrested (as evidenced by the dropped charges) and contributed to the idea that residents should be weary of young people hanging around.

    As you may, or may not, be aware, the young people in question had the permission of the property owner and they are residents of Polish Hill who have bought property here. Far from being in town for the G20 the guests from Sweden were part of a touring musical band playing in our city. It was in no way related to the G20 and yet the police are creating fear in the community through these fear mongering pieces that cause people to be afraid of young people. I would hope that as a representative of the association you would work to represent ALL members of the community, including those who intend to peaceable oppose the G20 summit occuring in our backyard.

  2. Hello:

    Seeing the interview had me shocked as well. If the interview would be shown as it happened, I would hope that all residents would appreciate the comments I had made. I did make it very clear that there were no charges filed and that the persons in question entering the School are and have been Polish Hill Residents. It is obvious that taking two phrases out of context in my interview made for a more sensational story. My attempt was to set the record straight and to stop the rumor mill of what happened at the School. There were many false and dramatic versions of the events being told. It was my hope to clear things up and prevent the damage and distrust that rumors can cause. I must admit that my attempt to set the record straight completely failed.

    We are a community of many voices and all of them deserve the right to be heard. This is one of our most basic rights. The diversity we have in our community is the basis for the growth, change and the improvements we are able to enjoy. I will work toward making sure that the PHCA, its membership and the residents of Polish Hill are heard in a clear and accurate manner.

    Terry Doloughty

  3. Alan, we share your distress at this story. But remember, this is the way tv news operates–they are interested in making a dramatic story, and facts that dilute the drama are left out.

    We have been aware of the facts you mention for weeks now, and Terry told Channel 4–more than once–what the true situation was and that their information was incorrect. They chose to ignore that and create a sensationalistic story, selectively taking only his comments that reinforced the dramatic report they created.

    It is very worrisome that the press, and to some extent, some officials, such as some of the police, are helping to create an atmosphere of fear using a minor, unrelated incident. This is an example of the rumor mill gone wild–every time this story comes back to us, it’s changed: there were more people involved, they were all foreign, they were all protesters–all false. We need to work together to fight this.

  4. Thank you for the clarification and comments.
    It certainly seems the press, and possibly the police, were interested in making something out of nothing. I hope people involved have considered contacting local politicians to express displeasure at the charged atmosphere being created. It makes our community look bad and hurts our residents whatever someones political views.

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