G20 update

The Pittsburgh G20 Partnership continues to be a resource for information about the summit. The G20 Summit is less than a month away and so many issues are up in the air. Bill Flanagan has this to say —

I’d be careful about believing what you’re seeing and hearing in the news. The amount of conjecture and just plain wrong information is disheartening to say the least — and that’s leaving opinion aside. A lot of it is because nature abhors a vacuum, and right now concrete details are limited. The media are filling in the gaps, too often with hearsay. As we move beyond Labor Day the haze should begin to clear. Read his weekly update

Very good advice.  Mr. Flanagan points out that, while some details have been decided and some issues have been resolved, that things could still change as we progress to the Summit.

The Pittsburgh G20 Partnership is a great place to go for information about what we can do to make visitors to Pittsburgh feel more at home and to make sure that Pittsburgh puts her best foot forward. If you would like to help out with clean-ups, you can contact Pittsburgh Cares, who is arranging for two concerted clean up efforts in September.