Halloween at the Bolinski House


On Halloween night, regardless which night it falls on, my husband, Jeff  and I throw a chicken wing party.  It actually started off about 10 years ago, with a 5# bag of chicken wings, my sister-in-law and 2 nephews from Bethel Park.  Over the years it has since grown into a houseful of family and friends (some of which were born and raised on Melwood, as I am) and 80# of wings.  Yes, 80 pounds of chicken wings.  Every imaginable dip and desserts are brought in by those who attend and of course like every Polish house, there is always plenty of food and drink.  I actually called it a BYOP party.  Since Halloween was on a Friday this year, I encouraged those that were traveling a distance, to Bring their Own Pillow and stay the night, and some took us up on that idea.

We also had some good clean fun as well.  Our neighbor, Tommy still has clotheslines in his yard, so my husband thought it would be a neat Halloween “trick” to put up ladies bras on his clotheslines.  I asked for donations from all the ladies that were coming over and I had an overwhelming response and one VERY LARGE one, as you can see in the picture attached. (No one actually fit that one, it was a gag gift from one of those silly catalogs).

Tommy came home from work later that evening and stopped over our house to join in on the festivities and low and behold he got the biggest kick out of what was on his clotheslines!  He’s actually going to keep them up until he needs the space for his own laundry.

What will next Halloween bring at the Bolinski house???  I know there will be chicken wings, lots of them with the most awesome sauce.  Maybe we’ll sell the sauce one of these days?

Happy Halloween-  Jeff and Susie Bolinski (Susie King)

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2 thoughts on “Halloween at the Bolinski House

  1. It was one awesome night and I can’t wait till next year!!! We were some of the ones that stayed, Chris and I. What a blast it was and very memorable.

  2. Cindy and Dave had a good time as always. Dave was a little toasted, as always. Cannot wait until next year for it will be on a Saturday, so, it can be a weekend event.

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