Happy anniversary BLOGSKI

It’s hard to believe that BLOGSKI is one thousand posts old. Time sure flies!

BLOGSKI began with a quiet little post about the West Penn Community Center. It was December 19, 2007, over two years ago. PHCA’s president, Terry Doloughty, wanted a better way to keep the Polish Hill neighborhood informed about events and issues. A blog seemed like the perfect forum.

Naming the blog took a lot less time than launching it; really, what name could be better for a Polish Hill blog than BLOGSKI?

Through the immediacy of blogging, the Polish Hill Civic Association has been able to keep members of the community informed about events, issues and inquiries, providing informative posts about a range of topics.

Blogski (aka Staffski, aka Susan Constanse) and Houndsbay (aka Leslie Clague) work diligently to bring Our Readers all of the news that matters, at least here in Polish Hill.  We have shared trials and tribulations. We have spread our laughter and offered our condolences.

Over the past one thousand posts (let me say that again: one thousand posts!) BLOGSKI has welcomed several guest writers to share this forum. Patrick Singleton and Jenn Kirk have sent in articles about access issues. Josie Ramsey, Polish Hill’s Green Team leader, has supplied us with lots of useful information about everything from knotweed to bees.

We want to thank all of our readers for following our posts.  Looking forward to many more posts.  As Polish Hill continues to prove it is the best little neighborhood around we will keep letting all our readers about all  things  related to Polish Hill!