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Fun things to do with Beer – other than drink it

1. Wash your pillowcases in it
This may be an old wives tale, but apparently the nutty smell of hops helps you fall asleep. If you’re an insomniac, try washing a pillowcase in Iron City and you may just get to the land of nod sooner than you think.

2. The Bee Attractor
An hour before the event is due to kick off, place some small containers of IC Light around
the perimeter of the yard. The sugar and smell will attract the bees and they’ll be happy enough around the beer while you enjoy your shindig beefree.

3. Polish your gold jewelry
Don’t bother buying expensive store-bought cleaners. Drop your rings and other trinkets into a dish of Iron City, then remove and polish to a beautiful sheen using a dry cloth.

4. Revive wooden furniture
Got a few opened, half-empty beers from a party? Well, flat beer makes a great wood reviver. Just dampen a microfiber cloth with your flat IC Light, then rub gently into your furniture It will give it a polish and bring back some color.

5. Put it in your chili
One of the best ways to add flavor and a little extra liquid to a chili is with a nice bottle of beer. Use Augustiner, it has more flavor and adds more punch.

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