Neighbors in the Strip

A message from our very good friends in the Strip District –


The Farmer’s Almanac said that this was going to be a cold and snowy winter.  Personally, I think we should put a pox on them.  They deserve it.

But I know a few things happening in the Strip that will “warm” you up – Bikram Yoga, Lisdoonvarna, romantic Valentine Day dinners at Kaya, Enrico Biscotti, Lidia’s or Eleven, and buying lots of Steelers sweatshirts for Super Bowl Sunday!

Hey, make sure you enter the online Photo Scavenger Hunt – it’s sure to give you a warm-huggy feeling – especially when you win the grand prize of a triple treat of tasty “Pittsburgh Popcorn Company” popcorn! Yum!

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Geez, just remember that for evey winter, a spring follows.