Order Redstone Easter Candy!

eastercandy.jpgWe now have order forms for Redstone Easter Candies, and there’s a long, yummy-sounding list of items to choose from:

1-lb. eggs in fruit and nut, maple nut, peanut butter, or coconut (10.95 ea)

14 oz eggs in chocolate nut, fudge nut, or chocolate coconut (10.95 ea)

Foiled eggs (11 oz. box/7.95)

Chocolate covered pretzels (8 oz./7.95)

Solid milk or white chocolate rabbit, hen, bear, or cross (5 oz./4.50)

Solid milk or white chocolate rabbit (10 oz./7.95, 15oz./9.95, or 26 oz./14.95)

Chocolate covered marshmallows (10 oz./8.95)

Fruit, spiced, or black jelly beans (24 oz./5.50)

Peanut butter logs (10 oz./8.95)

Gummi strawberry fish (16 oz. jar/6.50)

Stop by the Polish Hill Civic Association office and pick up a form. Orders and payment are due back by March 18. Download a flyer here or the order form here