Visitors to Polish Hill

A passel of building inspectors descended on Polish Hill on Thursday, July 11. Although they had originally intended to test some equipment that will make it easier for the inspectors to log and write citations, the equipment was ot quite ready. Instead, they used the opportunity to invite city officials to tour Polish Hill. Mayor Ravenstahl was joined by Councilman Dowd. PHCA Board Members Terry Doloughty, Catherine McConnell and Jim Stawski were on hand to conduct the tour and discuss Polish Hill’s goals with the Maor and Councilman.


There was  a lot of excitement about Tai + Lee’s renovation of their property and their return to Polish Hill. The building looks wonderful. It will also be the home of Polish Hill’s Sprout Fund art installation. More to come on that, so stay tuned!


A lot of time was spent discussing the buildings on Brereton and Dobson that are in the process of being demolished. These have been a concern of PHCA and the residents since the first fire in November of 2007. We anticipate that the rubble from both buildings will be cleared in short order.


The media was on hand to record the occasion and to get some thoughts about waht is happening in Polish Hill. Check out the KDKA clip.