Many thanks to Pitt student volunteers for helping clean up Polish Hill!

Almost ninety Pitt student volunteers were out and about in Polish Hill today, picking up trash from our streets and pruning, weeding and clearing in green spaces.  We want to thank all the students who gave up part of their Saturday to make our neighborhood look better.

We also owe a lot to the Polish Hill residents and green team members who helped out, supervising groups of students at work sites around the neighborhood.  Many thanks to:  Terry Doloughty, Josie Ramsey, Doug Ramsey, Paul Von Arx, Gina Favano, Valerie Testa, Dave Lyle, Brian Seklecki, and Paul Bowden.  Above,  Paul Von Arx addresses a group of students before they set out to work on at a site on Melwood Ave.

Dave Lyle and students working on the lot next to the Mother’s Bread sign

After working for a couple hours, the students got a snack before they got back on the bus to return to Pitt.

PHCA Green Team member Doug Ramsey at the end of the clean-up, in front of some of the bags of trash collected.  You may notice trash and vegetation piles at work sites.  We’ve contacted Public Works crews to come pick those up.