Next weekend, Polish Hill is getting a neighborhood cleanup, courtesy of PittCares

Each fall, PittCares, the volunteer office at the University of Pittsburgh, sends busloads of students out to communities across the city to do neighborhood clean-ups.  Next Saturday, October 22, 90 Pitts students and chaperones will descend on Polish Hill to spruce up our streets, green spaces, and community gardens.  Six workgroups, lead by members of the PHCA Green Team, will be working at sites throughout the neighborhood.

We’re excited to welcome the Pitt volunteers and look forward to seeing a tidied-up Polish Hill.  If you’re out and about next Saturday and see the student volunteers working, be sure to let them know that our neighborhood appreciates their time and efforts!

(above:  Last year’s group of Pitt volunteers.  This year, we’re getting twice as many students!)