Open you heart: volunteer to help seniors stay independent


United Way of Allegheny County has launched a new initiative called Open Your Heart to a Senior.  Simply put, volunteers are matched with seniors who want to continue living on their own, but need a bit of help.  Here’s how it works:

1. Seniors who need help contact the program, register and put in a request for a  volunteer.
2. Meanwhile, you sign up, complete a volunteer registration form and attend an info session.
3. The match team aligns your interest with the needs of a senior and gives you a call.
4. If you’re available, great. You’ve got a match for volunteer assignment.
5. If you’re not available right then, it’s okay. They’re flexible and will keep you in their system.
6. Once you accept your senior match, they give you the details and contact info so you can get in
touch with your senior.
7. Over the course of your pairing, the UWAC program office will  keep in touch.


Here are some of the ways in which you could help:

— Providing transportation to medical appointments, pharmacy and other necessary errands
Shopping for groceries with or for a senior
— Making friendly home visits and telephone reassurance calls
— Performing Safety for Seniors home assessments
— Assisting with correspondence, paying bills and filling out applications
— Completing yard projects, shoveling snow, raking leaves, planting and gardening
—  Driving the Free Rides for Seniors shuttle bus
Delivering or Preparing Home Delivered Meals

To find out more, dial 211 or call 412.307.0071, email, or check out the website.  And if you’re interested in volunteering, fill out this  online form to get more information.