Stair stewards needed!


The Polish Hill Stair Stewards program was created to keep our City steps clear of ice and snow.  The agreement with the City is that if we can find a neighborhood volunteer to assume stewardship of a set of city steps, City crews will provide a salt box at the site and keep it filled.  Currently, four sets of City steps in Polish Hill have stair stewards:  Fleetwood, Harding, Apollo, and at the monument.  But the two most-used sets of City steps, Dobson-Herron and Downing-Herron, don’t currently have stewards after their former caretakers moved away.

So we’re putting out the call.  If someone who lives near either of these steps wants to help make the neighborhood safer for pedestrians, and has the energy to climb and shovel, please get in touch.  Call 412.681.1950, or email us.

(Above:  the former stewards of the Dobson-Herron steps, Jen Kirk and Patrick Singleton, in 2011.  Jen and Patrick moved to Portland Oregon, and are much missed.  Photo by Mark Knobil)