Volunteer opportunity: tree tending on the Knotweed Knockout site on Friday, July 12

Last fall, 24 native trees were planted on the Knotweed Knockout site on Melwood Avenue near the eastern border of Polish Hill (just under the Bloomfield Bridge).  Above is the site in March — the trees are marked by stakes.

This spring and summer, the second Friday of each month is dedicated to tending the trees and maintaining the site.  Join us on Friday, July 12th at 6 p.m. for the monthly maintenance and care of the newly planted trees.  This area is a work in progress with a goal of creating biodiversity.  It’s a great chance to learn about organic tactics for managing the growth of knotweed and other invasives.

The work that will be happening this month consists of removing growth from the around the trees to ensure their root systems aren’t being competed with.  We’ll also be doing some weed whacking in the area.  Tools and gloves will be provided. Please wear sturdy shoes and long pants.  For more information, email Valerie Testa of the PHCA Green Team.