Volunteers are stepping out to shovel

Twelve days after the massive snowstorm, our roads may be mostly clear, but conditions are still dangerous for pedestrians, who often find that the road is the only place to walk.  A few neighborhood volunteers stepped up yesterday evening and cleared some sidewalk areas so that pedestrians can get off the road and be a little bit safer as they come and go from Polish Hill.

The sidewalk on Brereton Street down to the 28th Street Bridge (owned by Port Authority) now has a walking path.  Unfortunately, once you’ve crossed the bridge, it’s still necessary to go down the metal stairs to get to Liberty, which leads you to a large snow pile that blocks access to the bus stop and pedestrian crossing at Liberty Avenue.

The Herron Avenue sidewalk has been cleared from Dobson down to the crosswalk that leads to the busway.  The monument stairs, which were completely filled in by snow, forcing pedestrians to walk in the road on a blind curve, have been cleared (except for a big ice lump we couldn’t budge)

The work is not over, though.  Many sidewalks are still untouched, including the south side of Brereton Street as you approach 30th.  We’ve had reports that the Bigelow sidewalks are still dangerous, and the pedestrian overpass is difficult to navigate.  There are certainly other areas.  We hope that more citizens will step up to help out.