West Penn Advisory Board elections coming up

West Penn Recreation Center (now referred to by Citiparks as the West Penn Community Center) has been a presence in Polish Hill since the 1930’s.  But in recent years, the center has had only minimal engagement with the neighborhood.  The center experienced low usage during the years of population decline and high crime, and was closed for several years.  After the center was re-opened, many of the people who use it regularly are kids from St. Benedicts and folks from nearby neighborhoods.  Polish Hill doesn’t have a lot of kids right now, but we do have lots of new young (and youngish) residents, and we have been working to encourage everyone to use this wonderful resource.

Since the PHCA found out about the continued existence of the West Penn Advisory Board last year, we have been interested in getting neighborhood residents onto the board.  Neighborhood participation and engagement with West Penn will help the center be more of a resource for Polish Hill residents.  If this is a project that interests you, here’s your opportunity to step forward.

On Thursday, September 23rd at 6:00 pm, the West Penn Advisory Board will hold an election meeting at the center.  This is the time for interested residents to put forth their names to serve on the board.  The position is uncompensated, the term is a year and the board meets just seven times a year, plus individual meetings for special events.  Please let the PHCA know if you would be interested in serving.

If you would like more information about the board or West Penn, call Marcia Scott at 412.622.7353 or email her here.