The pool opens on Saturday!


Polish Hill has a great pool.  It’s on a quiet hillside away from the road, there’s lots of grassy space to spread out a towel and relax.  And it’s not too crowded, which is  good and bad–it’s nice for the people who do use the pool;  sometimes you’ve got it almost to yourself.  But there’s always the possibility that the City will look at those low attendance numbers and decide the pool isn’t used enough to justify the cost of keeping it open.

So let’s support our wonderful pool.  Opening day is Saturday June 13th.  Pool hours are Mon-Fri 1:00-7:45 p, Sat, Sun and holidays 1:00-5:45 pm.  There’s no need to  go downtown to buy pool tags, you can purchase them right at West Penn:  $30 for an adult, $60 for a family of four.  If you just want to swim for the day, a ticket is $3 for kids 3-15 and $4 for ages 16 and up.

Check the Pittsburgh Parks and Recreation webpage for more detailed information about pools and regulations; look here for more information on pool tags.

Above photo:  the opening of the original West Penn pool, in 1930.