Pool closes on Sunday

The West Penn pool, beloved of many and busier this year than it has been in in a long time, is open for the final day of the season on Sunday the 22nd.  The early closing is not for budget reasons, but because the lifeguards, who are mostly high school and college students, are going back to school.

Only a few of the Citiparks pools will stay open until Labor Day.  The Citiparks webpage does not list the pools that are staying open, but we know that Schenley Pool, which is the closet to Polish Hill, is one of them.

Since we’ll have at least another month of summer weather, it’s disappointing that the pool will not be available.  Last year, a number of residents volunteered to take unpaid lifeguard shifts just to help the pool stay open on weekends; that offer was refused.  So if you want to enjoy one of the nicest and least crowded, pools in Pittsburgh, you’ve got less than a week left.  Get your swim in now!