Seeking feedback on class possibilities at West Penn

Have you been thinking about working out at West Penn Recreation Center?  A couple of new possibilities have been discussed, and the director of West Penn, Marcia Scott, has asked the PHCA to find out if enough residents are interested.

One possibility is a womens weight class.  This might just be a casual group that meets regularly and teaches themselves, which would be free.  Ms. Scott has told us that it’s also possible to get a personal trainer to come–this option would entail a fee for students.

We’ve also been told that an aerobics teacher has approached West Penn about having a class there.  Again, having an instructor means that there would be a fee for the class.

Please get in touch with the PHCA if you are interested in any of these possibilities (indicate days/times that work for you, and whether you are interested in a free class, or willing to sign up and pay).  And if you have feedback about class ideas or West Penn in general, please get in touch.  You can doing that by calling (412.681.1950) or emailing us at

6 thoughts on “Seeking feedback on class possibilities at West Penn

  1. Hello Erin,
    I will add you to the list of interested people and note your time preferences. We will pass this on to Marcia Scott, the director of West Penn, and if she feel it’s enough people to form a class, she will move ahead on getting that set up. Thanks for your interest!


  2. I think it would be amazing if the center could have a Pilates class. There really aren’t very many in the area besides at expensive studios, and I think that would be a great draw to bring more people in to check out the center. I’d prefer evenings 5:30 or after and I’d be willing to pay up to about $7/class.

  3. They didn’t mention Pilates as an option, but I will pass that suggestion along. I agree that it might bring in some more people. Thanks Stephanie!


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